DOIE Thermal-CTP uses the most advanced and stable V model guide rail fixed position technology , fusion servo maglev technology , using automatic loading way and 830nm laser diodes , made the high energy field value of thermal material development , high development quality , after baking , the thermal plate could print about million plates .

Model X-0321TG X-0481TG X-0641TG
Channels 32 48 64
Output Speed (p/h) 14 19 23
Plate size: 1030mmx800mm
Laser Source 830nm Laser Diodes
Output Resolution (dpi) 2400
Dot Reproduction 1%~99%
Register Accuracy(mm) less than 0.01
Plate Size(mm) Max: 1200×1100; Min: 550×480
Suitable Plates Various Thermal CTP Plates
Plate Thickness(mm) 0.15~0.30
Loading and Unloading Loading: Automatic
Unloading: Automatic
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Position Accuracy(mm) 0.2
Plate Balance Automatic Balance
Data Interface USB, 1000Mbit/s
Ambient Temperature: 22~28 dgree; Humidity 20~80% (Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension(mm) L2300×W1300×H1100
Net Weight(kg) 1600
Power Supply less than 6KW/220V, 50/60HZ
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