Integrated V model guide rail, high accuracy, maintenance-free, with super high accuracy drum processing technology, insure the tolerance of scan system less than 10um, to accomplish the accurate focus and perfect screen dots.
The scan system with maglev Linear motor and high accuracy grating, higher accuracy, more stable, easier to maintain, guarantee the quality of image
Auto balance system, matching any size plate, countweight automatic to match the balance position, insure the drum running blance.
Manuel mounting, auto loading, more maneuverable, more efficient.
Model H-0163TG H-0323TG
Channels 16 32
Output Speed (m2/h) 1.0~2.0 2.0~4.0
Light Source 830nm Laser Diode
Output Resolution (dpi) 4000/4800
Max. (mm) 700x600
Plate Thickness (mm) 0.11-3.94
Suitable Plates Digital Flexo Photopolymer Plate
Ablative Film
Thermal Offset Plate
Digital Letterpress Photopolymer Plate
Plate Loading and Unloading Manual Mounting
Auto Loading
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Balance Automatic Balance
Data Interface USB2.0
Ambient Temperture: 25 oC+-3oC; 
Humidity: 20%-80% (Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension (mm) L1370xW1000xH1000
Net Weight (KG) 500
Power Supply <=3.2KW/220V+-5%, 50/60Hz
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