This product must work in combination with DOIE CTP type 46, to realize the automation of plate making process.
Only compressed air, large-capacity Single-cassette can achieve automatic separation cardboard. 
Low power consumption, easy operation, simple maintenance.

Technical specifications

Model X-GB46-S
Cassette Type Loading platform
Plate Feeding Way Auto-feed (Remove the interleaf paper at the same time)
Max. Plate Loading Qty Thickness: 5CM (Around 200 pcs plates)
Plate Thickness 0.15MM~0.4MM
Plate Size Max. 1160mm×940mm; Min. : 400mm×320mm
Air Supply ≥0.6MPa
Vacuum suction (Plate) -0.50MPa
Vacuum suction (Paper) -0.40/-0.30 MPa ( different paper )
Plate Stacking Manually stack plate on loading platform
Interface RS485
Environment Operating temperature range: 22-28°C; Humidity: 20-80% (Non-condensing)
Device Size L2250mm×W1140mm×H1110mm
Net Weight 200KG
Power Supply 100W/220V±5%, 50/60HZ
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