Model X-0324UG X-0484UG X-0644UG X-0964UG X-1284UG
Channels 32 48 64 96 128
Output Speed (p/h) 10 14 18 24 30
Plate size: 1430mmx1145mm
Laser Source 405nm Laser Diodes
Output Resolution (dpi) 2400
Dot Reproduction 1%~99%
Register Accuracy(mm) less than 0.01
Plate Size(mm) Max: 1430×1145; Min: 550×480
Suitable Plates Various UV CTP Plates, CTcP Plates
Plate Thickness(mm) 0.15~0.30
Loading and Unloading Loading: Automatic; Unloading: Automatic
Vacuum Fixation
Plate Position Accuracy(mm) 0.2
Plate Balance Automatic Balance
Data Interface USB, 1000Mbit/s
Ambient Temperature: 22~28 dgree; Humidity 20~80% (Non-condensing)
Machine Dimension(mm) L2480×W1580×H1180
Net Weight(kg) 1800
Power Supply less than 6KW/220V, 50/60HZ


Competitive Advantage:
1: Precise guiderail chassis. Manual entire scrape.
1) The chassis is HT300 inblock cast, guiderail and chassis became in one, the high mechanical strength, the high heat stability, less possibility of deformation.
2) The guiderail precision could achieve 1-3μm/m, effectively ensure printing precision.
3) Scraping guiderail is made by cast-iron, the surface has one thin oil slick, play an lubricant, protective role;
4) Using import soft guide pairs and precise grinder guiderail technology, make optical platform move has little wear; the moving of platform has better smooth, precision.
2. Independent vacuum structure, effectively absorb various plates.
1) By using the three-cavity technology, the drum could effectively absorb various plates, avoid the plate.
2) According to different size of plate, adjust absorptive power, could achieve best printing effect.
3) Using negative pressure checking before printing, avoid the plate flying.
4) Using negative pressure checking in printing, avoid the plate flying.
5) Using negative pressure and prevent air leakage technology.
3. Continue feeding plate system, achieve automatic loading plate.
1) Using advanced belt conveying plate system.
2) Using mechanical head clip automatic positioner.
3) Using mechanical tail clip automatic positioner.
4) Using automatic negative pressure absorption technology.
4. High precision side-guide technology, improve printing repeatability precision.
1) Fusing advanced plate-edge checking technology and side-guide technology, improving the printing repeatability precision.
2) High precision side-guide technology, making the equipment running more stable.
3) According to the requirement, increase dynamic balance data automatically, make the production conveniently.

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